By 1982 after having inspired many musicians, and seeing rockabilly gain some commercial success, Dig moved to London and was one of the main conspirators in the creation of JoBoxers.  Still with a nod to the past, the music was a bit swing, a bit pop and soul.  With Dig as lead singer and co-songwriter, Joboxers scored three top ten hit singles in Europe: Boxerbeat, Just Got Lucky and Johnny Friendly and a top thirty hit single in America, Just Got Lucky.   All pulled from a top 20 album in Great Britain -  Like Gangbusters on RCA records.  In 2005, Just Got Lucky was used on the sound track and in the hit Movie, 40 Year Old Virgin.

Always looking for a new creative challenge, Dig discovered his passion for acting while in London.  Enrolling at the Lee Strasburg Institute for a semester, Dig was lucky enough to be granted a scholarship.  In 1990 he was cast in the lead role of the West End show, Five Guys Named Moe that featured the music of 1940’s jazz great,  Louie Jordan.  Five Guys ran for five years, racking up over 2,500 performances. 

In 2005 and 2007 he played the Rockin’ 50’s Fest 2 and 3 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Performing Buzz and The Flyers songs and a few new ones.  He received rave reviews and put together a new band, Dig Wayne and The Chisellers.  This collaboration resulted in  12 new songs and the release of an album called Shack Rouser for Rhythm Bomb Records.

Little Pig


Dig Wayne hails from Cambridge, Ohio, a small town of 10,000 people in the 1950’s and 60’s.  After singing and playing the drums in several high school rock bands, he decided to move to New York City as soon as he could raise the money. Arriving in NYC in 1976, Dig was surrounded by punk rockers and B-boys. Growing up on Ray Charles and various other rhythm and blues records that his mother played around the house, Dig knew he wanted to play music that reflected the 1950’- specifically rockabilly music.  Gene Vincent’s Bebop-a-Lula was one of the songs that captured the sound and spirit that Dig was after.  Not being able to find a guitar player in New York that shared his vision, Dig called on a friend and superb guitar player from Ohio named Michael Gene.  Together they formed the legendary rockabilly band Buzz and The Flyers.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s you couldn’t find a more rockin,’ show stoppin’ rockabilly band in the world. Buzz and The Flyers played to stunned audiences all over the east coast before making their way to England where the verdict was the same.

Just Got Lucky